2009 Concept and Use Study for DoseCue

DoseCue® commissioned a Concept and Use Study to determine if compliance improved when oral-dose medications were dispensed in a DoseCue-equipped container. This study demonstrated …

    • DoseCue increased medication compliance 9.1% with a P=0.05. (Confidence interval of 95% using ANOVA statistical analytic methods.)
    • Overall compliance averaged 97.1%.
    • The Study Group’s opinion of DoseCue was 4.9 (with a low of 1.0 and a high of 5.0).

Please contact DoseCue for more details about the Concept and Use Study.

2012 Patient Preference Survey for DoseCue

In the spring of 2012, we interviewed 31 subjects about their interest in using a medication container equipped with DoseCue’s patented electronics.

    • 71% were interested in using DoseCue because of the convenience of its reminders. (Of the 29% who weren’t interested, 21% said the reason was they didn’t need help taking medications.)
    • 73% of those interested in using DoseCue said they would miss zero doses with DoseCue.

Please contact DoseCue for more results from the Patient Preference Survey.