Mark D. Burrows, President & CEO

BurrowsMark Burrows launched DoseCue® in 2008 with both the desire to improve patient health through better medication adherence and a vision of how to do it.

Mark understood patients needed help that made taking medicines simpler – not more complicated. The problem he saw with other solutions was they required people to program a new device, or decant medicines into a new container, or learn a new record-keeping system.

So Mark developed DoseCue’s patented, cost-effective medication-reminder electronics. DoseCue comes programmed, attached to the existing medicine container, and ready to go when patients pick up their prescriptions.

Its patient-friendly visual reminders are simple to understand and effortless to use. DoseCue emphasizes alerts that are effective without being intrusive.

Mark has focused on patient adherence since 1997, early on at Sarnoff in Princeton, followed by leading a start-up joint venture in medication compliance.

Mark has 25 years of experience in business development, patent licensing, and new-product development. He has worked in both corporate and consulting roles across healthcare and consumer industries. Mark’s business experience includes positions with PA Consulting Group, Sarnoff, Ameritech, Motorola, and Siemens.