DoseCue® is a simple, cost effective way to increase medication adherence, reduce healthcare spending, and improve patient health!

Our patented medication reminder device has been demonstrated to increase adherence by 9.1% with statistical significance (P=0.05). Integrated Bluetooth® technology allows patients and health providers to monitor medication adherence in real time.

DoseCue comes pre-programmed, attached to the container, and ready to go when people fill their prescriptions.

TakeNowOur patient-friendly display lights up to show when to take a dose, when a dose is taken, when a dose is missed, and when to order a refill. DoseCue electronics feature two distinct patented dose-sensing technologies that deliver outstanding accuracy and reliability.

The Bluetooth® technology enables real-time monitoring of medication adherence, and includes the ability to automatically generate exception reports. These reports allow care providers to identify only those patients who need additional help taking their medications.

Better patient adherence is essential to better health. The New England Journal of Medicine found that 89,000 pre-mature deaths could be prevented each year in the United States if patients took just their blood-pressure medications correctly.

Better medication adherence not only leads to better health for patients, it also lowers costs for healthcare systems, specialty pharmacies, home health care agencies, and other businesses.